Milander Dean, a sad geologist carrying a family tragedy, arrives to Yulkukany, the lost island of the whale hunters for a research job. There he will find Elianor, a girl who will shake his life with her unstoppable joy , teaching him a lesson about hope and happiness.


"The Island without smile" is a fable, a tale about how to face our own understanding of the joy of life.


This is a very special book, conceibed since the very beggining as a gift for the reader. There are not many comic books out there talking about happiness and with the only pretention of giving the reader a warm feeling after closing the last page of the book. 


This book has been translated from French  (Glenat Editions 2009) to Spanish, Italian and Swedish.














To find the perfect cover and main title the editor (Benoit Cousin) and I discussed nearly 20 names for the book and 10 illustrations for the cover. Here are some of those tests.